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National water policy

We wish to provide active insights and knowledge towards coining of plans to better improve and implement Pakistan's National Water Policy

Bringing data to life

We invite all who are interested in environmental analytics to share data insights pertaining to the Indus Basin

Decision support

We aim to bring researchers and experts together to develop pathways to better management of WEF nexus of Indus Basin


Pakistan's Groundwater-Energy Nexus

This is an interactive dashboard that allows users to understand the impact of groundwater extraction by subsidized private electric TubeWells(TW) on the overall water footprint in Pakistan. Annual electric GW extraction is estimated from annual agricultural electricty consumption. Users may change TW efficiencies, extraction depth, and grid transmission losses to estimate the volume of water pumped by electric TWs and visualize some resulting insights.

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Compute Standard Streamflow Index

This is an application to compute Standard Streamflow Index(SSI) also known as the (Streamflow Drought Index and the Streamflow Runoff Index) which is used to quantify and analyze hydrological droughts..

Depiction of Water Apportionment Accord 1991

The map is the visual illustration of Water Apportionment Accord (WAA), 1991 at the district level of Pakistan. It displays the Surface water availability per day per unit of canal command area (millimeters) averaged over the period of 1991-2010.The viewers can hover over the colored sections to get the information of districts including, district names, district area, canals with their command area and Water availability per unit of command area in respective district. It gives useful insights into the implications of implementation of WAA at lower spatial scales. The aim of the visualization is to encourage the researchers and policy makers to dig deep into the underlying reasons for the significant variations observed at the district level.

If you want to embed this map into your website, simply copy the following code into your website's html.